The Resilience Advisors Network

Pleased to say that I will be supporting the work of The Resilience Advisors Network.

The Resilience Advisors Network is a specialist organisation supplying top-level expertise from the emergency, defence and security services.

We supply Governments and Businesses with individuals or teams of experts to help create exemplar solutions using the wealth of experience of senior practitioners.

Our work is extremely varied and includes;

• Market analysis and market creation for new and established products
• International business development for U.K. Companies in the emergency and security sectors
• Sales support & pipeline growth across all markets
• A full range of disaster & crisis training provision
• All forms of rescue training
• Flood, Fire & Security Risk Assessment and development of risk reduction strategies
• Business continuity, emergency avoidance, management and response planning
• Specialist support for tender and bid teams.

All services are available Worldwide with advisors based in UK, Europe, USA and the Middle East.


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